The Unreformed Martin Luther

August 29, 2017

"This is a unique way to get to know a historical character. And it really works. It makes the book interesting and lively instead of dry and dusty. I really liked this one."

"I found this book to be very thoughtfully written."

Nathan Albright
"There is a lot to learn from in this book, a lot to appreciate, and a lot to ponder over. 5 stars."

Joan Nienhuis
"I recommend this book to those who want a better understanding of Luther and what he contributed (and did not contribute) to the Reformation. I really like Malessa's writing style. It is very personable and not at all scholastic. He's got a good sense of humor too."

Mark Buzard
"Recommended for church history buffs, and anyone interested in Martin Luther."

Hanna Lei
"A great read."

Kathryn Armstrong
"If you enjoy history and want a deeper look into the man behind the Reformation, this is an excellent resource!"

Andrew Spencer
"The chapters are concise, the prose is lucid, and the subject matter is entertaining."

The Geeky Calvinist
"If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and question your knowledge of medieval culture this book is for you. A fun and easy read."

"A good introduction to church history for a variety of ages."

Annie Kate
"The Unreformed Martin Luther strips away myths surrounding this great man and presents him, respectfully and, hopefully honestly, as a good man."

Conrade Yap
"One of the most hilarious and insightful books about Martin Luther I have ever read."

April E.
"A very interesting and informative book."

"A good and well written book. I recommend it to you!"

Veronica Sternberg
"I would highly recommend this book if you like Martin Luther, church history or just learning more about history, period."

Starla Gooch
"I appreciated both Malessa's strong scholarship as well as his playful and carefree approach."

Steve Dressen
"5 stars."

"You can't help but get a hoot out of reading this unfiltered examination of the real man behind the myths."

Friar Tuck
"I recommend this book highly, and will re-read it on occasion and share it with others."