The Captivating Lady Charlotte

August 02, 2017

Jalynn Patterson
"Fabulous and full of life."

"Well written and easy to read, this makes a great read."

Gayle Pace
"The author gives you a little bit of it all, romance, humor, mystery and the writing keeps you turning the page."

"I did not want the story to end."

Maureen Timerman
"Just as good as the first book in this series, and kept me page turning to the end."

Tammy G.
"This is a fantastic story. Clean and wholesome romance and an interesting story line."

"A beautiful story of love."

Magen Robison
"This is a book not to be missed by fiction lovers! It weaves history, romance, suspense and adventure all into one!"

"I'd highly recommend this enjoyable story."

Shantelle Mary
"This book was so beautifully written, from the unique romance, to the authentic faith theme. I loved it. 5 stars."

Jordan Mierek
"Clean and wholesome. Everyone was three-dimensional."

I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars and traditional regency readers will absolutely want this one!"

Diane Estrella
"5 stars. A total success."

"While romantic interludes occur, they are within the bounds of propriety both to the social era and to Christian morals. [A] delightful read."

Anne Payne
"5 STARS!!! There is a place sealed on my book shelf for Carolyn Miller's stories."

Ann B. Hibbard
"Definitely one that I both enjoyed and gladly recommend."

Melissa Finnegan
"I highly recommend this one."

"Carolyn Miller is a wonderful author. I cannot wait to read the other stories in this series!"

Hanna Lei
"I love the characters and the plot is fantastic. A captivating novel that's great for both teen and adult readers."

"A wonderfully well-told story with realistic characters and evocative scenery."

"Miller excels at character development as well as interpersonal tension and conflict. Don't miss this book and this series!"

Deana Dick
"A nice read."

Blooming with Books
"Carolyn Miller has crafted yet another Regency Era story that touches the heart of the reader."

Lisa Johnson
"Another exceptional Regency romance by Carolyn Miller."

Lynn M.
"I loved this book and can't wait to read the 3rd book in this series."

"I'm sure I would've benefited from reading a story like this when I was younger. 4.5 stars."


"Carolyn Miller is a humdinger of a writer! Her characters are vibrant, as well as her picturesque views of the country. It will fill your senses and send you on a journey of another time period. I cannot say enough in support of this author or her books."

D.L. Kamstra
"I really enjoyed this book."

Amada Chavez
"LOVE IT!!!!!!! Entertaining, filled with adventure, and heart meltingly romantic! :) A MUST READ."

"A romance novel that also draws on the strength of God. I recommend it!"

Baker Kella
"Incredibly dreamy and romantic."

"Sparks and fire are great, but the message of deep and abiding love is one that this reader can appreciate!"

Veronica Sternberg
"Carolyn Miller has done it again! I've absolutely loved both books in the series."

"Very engaging."

"The characters evolve and the action continues at a steady clip, it is the perfect mix for me."

"The perfect blend of hope, longing, faith and God's timing, and love. 5 star worthy in my opinion and I can't wait to go back and read book one, as well as anxious for the next faith-filled novel from this talented author."

Lane Hill
"Soundly developed. I look forward to reading the continuing story in the series of Grace."

April Erwin
"Carolyn Miller writes beautiful stories of faith and love that sparkle with wit while still bringing out deep emotions in all her characters."

"Well written with a strong plot and realistic characters, this novel beautifully illustrates the real meaning of true love."

Amanda T.
"Clean and wholesome."

Reading is My Super Power
"If you're a fan of Julie Klassen, Julianne Donaldson, Kristi Ann Hunter and/or Sarah Ladd, you need to make sure this series is on your TBR list!"