• The Wilberforce Connection

    The Wilberforce Connection
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    Edition: July 07, 2005

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    Publication date: July 07, 2005

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    The Wilberforce Connection

    Written for the hopeful, this powerful book illustrates how dedication and careful research can change a godless society into a living example. When William Wilberforce and the Clapham Group came along in mid-18th-century England, a godless and repressive world prevailed. Members of Parliament purchased their seats, the annual consumption of gin was three gallons per person, and the government did nothing to stop child labor. Enter William Wilberforce. Through research, personal example, and generous giving, Wilberforce and his friends made "goodness fashionable" once again. Like Wilberforce, author Clifford Hill examines today's culture and insists that there is still time for Christians to make changes for the better—and transform our society.
    Author: Clifford Hill
    The Rev. Dr Clifford Hill is a theologian and advisor to the British government on social and family issues.