• Out of the Black Shadows

    Out of the Black Shadows
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    ISBN: 9780825460258

    Edition: August 01, 2001

    Pages: 256

    Publication date: August 01, 2001

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

    Category: Biography

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    Out of the Black Shadows

    The Amazing Transformation of Stephen Lungu

    Stephen Lungu was three when his mother ran away, leaving him and his younger brother and sister in the reluctant care of an aunt. By the age of eleven, Stephen had run away too, preferring life on the streets. As a teenager he was recruited into an urban gang, the Black Shadows, which robbed and mugged with a half-focused dream of revolution. When an evangelist came to town, Stephen was sent to fire bomb the event, but instead he stayed to listen. This powerful, bestselling story has now been revised and updated and is in its fourth printing.
    Author: Stephen Lungu
    Today Stephen Lungu is Africa's Billy Graham, an international evangelist who regularly speaks in the U.K., U.S., and Europe.