• Luther and His World

    Luther and His World
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    ISBN: 9780745955889

    Edition: March 01, 2013

    Pages: 160

    Publication date: March 01, 2013

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Books

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    Luther and His World

    A new biography of an important figure

    Many Christians know that Martin Luther started the Reformation, but beyond that dry and incomplete fact few really know his inspiring story: his early struggles with faith, his dogged determination to stand for what he believed the Gospels taught, and his willingness to risk his life for those beliefs.

    In this warm and approachable biography of Luther, Graham Tomlin paints a vivid picture of a spiritual and sensitive yet blunt and determined man. Tomlin uses the framework of Luther's life to explore the early reformers' battles and disagreements over what they considered to be correct doctrine and the future of the church. The result is a rich analysis of Luther's significance and contribution to Christianity and the world today.

    Compact and comprehensive, Luther and His World will find a place with readers curious about the living faith that sparked the Reformation and those who want to know more about their Christian heritage.

    Author: Graham Tomlin
    Graham Tomlin is Director of St Paul's Theological Centre at Holy Trinity Brompton, London. He was formerly vice principal of Wycliffe Hall theological college in Oxford and tutor in historical theology and evangelism.