• God's Secret Listener

    God's Secret Listener
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    Edition: April 06, 2011

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: April 06, 2011

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    God's Secret Listener

    The Albanian Army Captain Who Risked Everything

    The unimaginable story of a life transformed by Christian radio broadcasts into Communist era Albania

    Albania's Communist dictator, Enver Hoxha, proclaimed his country to be the world's first truly atheistic state. Under Hoxha's rule, Captain Berti Dosti was one of the elite who served on a communications team monitoring Albania's borders for American incursions. However, this diligent soldier left his country unguarded for 15 minutes a week as he regularly tuned into Trans World Radio's broadcasts, ultimately becoming a believer. Had he been discovered he would probably have been shot. Yet this young man with a growing faith continued to listen and would later pioneer the rebuilding of Albania's wrecked society.

    Post-Communist Albania, with churches destroyed, Christian leaders executed or jailed, and its strong Muslim heritage was tough ground for Christian mission. But Berti--now Pastor Dosti--helped to lead the new wave of church planting that swept the country. Today, there is a church in most Albanian towns and a network of Albanian Christian ministries--all with their genesis in this inspiring story.

    Author: John Butterworth
    John Butterworth is a highly successful regional newspaper editor and author of several books. He is a frequent visitor to Albania.