• In the Steps of Jesus
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    ISBN: 9780745953861

    Pages: 206

    Publication date: 3-22-2018

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Adult Books

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    Category: Reference

    In the Steps of Jesus

    "A fine piece of work. . . the scholarship informing it is first-class. . . . It's a gem."

    Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

    Billions of people across the planet have heard of Jesus Christ, the preacher from Nazareth. But how many have the chance to follow in his steps and walk the sites of the Holy Land? This book offers readers the opportunity whether they intend to visit the land of Israel/Palestine or not. It is a travel guide for the traveler and non-traveler alike.

    In this accessible book, author Peter Walker shares the fruits of his research and expert knowledge, offering readers a rich and illustrated guide to the sites Jesus visited. Following the chronology of Jesus' travels and drawing especially on the Gospel of Luke, we move from Bethlehem, to Nazareth, to the desert, and then take the extended journey from Galilee to Jerusalem.

    Using full color photography, maps, and timelines, and drawing on the latest scholarship, In the Steps of Jesus is a fascinating and absorbing guide to the life Jesus, giving readers a unique insight into the real world in which he lived.