• The Wild Gospel
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    ISBN: 9780825460708

    Pages: 352

    Publication date: 7-7-2005

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Category: Ministry

    The Wild Gospel

    Bringing Truth to Life

    A pivotal look at the impressive power and reach of the gospel—even in these times of doubt and skepticism. Alison Morgan has a theory: just as our culture has lost touch with the gospel, so the church has lost touch with the gospel's power. Instead of being powerful and life-changing, the gospel has become something tamed, packaged, and institutionalized. The Wild Gospel shakes the church out of its lethargy by reminding it of the wild spirit and raw power of the biblical narrative. The author takes a look at how the gospel's truths relate to today's changes and opportunities. With penetrating insights into both culture and Scripture, The Wild Gospel is a call to return to the radical and vibrant power of the gospel's message.