• The Post-Racial Church
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    ISBN: 9780825435867

    Pages: 288

    Publication date: 8-24-2011

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Ministry

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    The Post-Racial Church

    A Biblical Framework for Multiethnic Reconciliation

    In The Post-Racial Church, Kenneth Mathews and Sydney Park present a scriptural framework for how the church ought to operate as a multiethnic culture. If the church is called to the work of reconciliation,
    if the universal church is multiethnic, and if every tribe and tongue will praise God together in the end, then shouldn’t individual churches reflect that truth today‌.

    In this book pastors will find biblical, philosophical, and practical reasons for challenging the local church to become a multiethnic congregation that joins together in worship of the God who calls each of us.