• Leading the Small Church
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    Pages: 240

    Publication date: 5-9-2006

    Format: Paperback

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    Leading the Small Church

    How to Develop a Transformational Ministry

    “With all that has been written on leadership today, we have lost sight of the simplicity of ministry,” writes Glenn Daman. “The task of spiritual leadership may not be easy, but it is not complicated.”

    Leading the Small Church challenges pastors to return to the simplicity of ministry by caring for and loving the people they serve; proclaiming God’s Word in a relevant, life-changing way; and setting a godly example. Contrary to today’s prevailing wisdom, Glenn Daman contends that the pastor’s role is not to be a visionary or organizational leader. The pastor’s primary responsibility involves the spiritual activities of preaching and discipleship with a view toward transforming the lives of God’s people.

    Like Daman’s previous book Shepherding the Small Church, which focused on the ingredients for an effective small church ministry, this follow-up volume is an indispensable source of advice and insight for pastors of small churches—the majority of American churches. Helpful suggestions and charts make Leading the Small Church practical and user-friendly.

    “[This book] artfully explains the mystery of church life, how Christ came not to program people from the outside in but to transform individuals, the church, and even the community from the inside out. Glenn Daman is a master of explaining the many metaphors used in Scripture—such as shepherd, family, body, vine, flock, field (crop), and wind—and how they translate into practical church ministry today.”

    —Bud Hopkins, Dean and Professor Emeritus, Moody Graduate School

    Glenn Daman (D.Min., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) serves as the director of the Center for Leadership Development, a ministry of Village Missions and is an adjunct professor for a number of Bible colleges and seminaries teaching in the area of small church studies. He has served as the pastor in small churches in Washington, Oregon, and Montana. He is the author of the book Shepherding the Small Church.