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When We Cant God Can Encounters with the God of the Impossible Catherine Campbell 978-0-85721-612-0 14.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 192 pages Monarch Books Rights NA November 27 2015 Stories from the Bible and from today of believers who said I cant only to discover that God can. Dementia Pathways to Hope Spiritual Insights and Practical Hope for Carers Louise Morse 978-0-85721-655-7 13.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 160 pages Monarch Books Rights NA January 27 2016 Offers counsel on what dementia is and is not how to make your home a safe place how to understand and handle challenging behavior slowing the onset of dementia how churches can help and when specialist care is needed. With illuminating stories of what has helped others. Dwelling in the Land Bringing Same-Sex Attraction Under the Lordship of Christ Jeanette Howard 978-0-85721-623-6 16.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 224 pages Monarch Books Rights NA January 27 2016 Considers what it means for Christians who are attracted to members of the same sex to live fully under the lordship of Christ. On a Similar Note More Mayhem Mishaps and Musings Jonathan Veira 978-0-85721-576-5 16.99 Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 224 pages Monarch Books Rights NA January 27 2016 A collection of humorous observations and anecdotes from Jonathan Veira a larger-than- life entertainer whose career in opera has been matched by his many years as a one-man-show entertainer filling some of the UKs largest auditoriums. Set Me on Fire What It Means to Be Filled with the Presence of God Malcom Macdonald 978-0-85721-691-5 12.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 160 pages Monarch Books Rights NA February 27 2016 An exploration of what it means to be filled with the fire of God as the believers were at Pentecost. 32 ALSO AVAILABLE