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WHAT THE NEW TESTAMENT AUTHORS REALLY CARED ABOUT THE DOCTRINES THAT DIVIDE What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About Second Edition A Survey of Their Writings Kenneth Berding and Matt Williams editors Second edition of the accessible full-color New Testament survey focusing on the message of each book Now in hardcover this second edition of What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About has a new cover and layout to correspond with the look of the popular corresponding volume What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About. This textbook is more accessible than many New Testament survey texts with full color and photographs and to-the-point coverage of each New Testament book. Introductory issues Who When Where Why are condensed to a one-page snapshot of all the most pertinent information. In addition more than one hundred applications are highlighted in sidebars to clarify how the New Testament authors might apply their writings to Christians living in the twenty-first century. Kenneth Berding PhD Westminster Theological Seminary is professor of New Testament at Biola University. He is the author of What Are Spiritual Gifts. Matt Williams PhD Trinity International University is professor of biblical studies and theology at Biola University. He is the author of several titles including Two Gospels from One and with Scot McKnight The Synoptic Gospels An Annotated Bibliography. 30 NEW EDITIONS 978-0-8254-4384-8 32.99 Hardback 7.5 x 9.25 304 pages Biblical Studies New Testament Kregel Academic Rights World September 27 2015 ISBN 978-0-8254-4384-8 9 7 8 0 8 2 5 4 4 3 8 4 8 978-0-8254-4235-3 16.99 Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 256 pages Christian Theology General Kregel Publications Rights World November 27 2015 ISBN 978-0-8254-4235-3 9 7 8 0 8 2 5 4 4 2 3 5 3 The Doctrines That Divide A Fresh Look at the Historic Doctrines That Separate Christians Erwin W. Lutzer A new look for a best-selling guide to issues that divide Christians Christian doctrine is a vital part of the gospel message but certain doctrinal beliefs have divided the church for centuries. Lutzer examines various controversies that exist within the broad spectrum of Christianity presenting the historical background of the issue and the biblical understanding of the doctrine. Chapters include Predestination or Free Will and Justification by Faith. Erwin W. Lutzer ThM Dallas Theological Seminary MA Loyola University LLD Simon Greenleaf School of Law is senior pastor of the historic Moody Church in Chicago as well as a popular conference and radio speaker. His many books include The Doctrines That Divide How You Can Be Sure That You Will Spend an Eternity with God and One Minute After You Die.