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RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-1-78264-178-0 14.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 304 pages Fiction Mystery Detective Historical Lion Fiction Rights NA November 27 2015 A mysterious throne holds the key to two murders an epic adventure steeped in treachery and romance When Miss Lydia Garretts guardian is murdered and the authorities refuse to investigate the odd circumstances she vows to catch the culprit. The same night the Earl of Danbury is murdered in his bed. Against all odds it appears that the murders are relatedand Anthony Douglas the new Lord Danbury is bent on revenge. The clues point to the former earls first naval command. In 1758 the earl spirited away and hid the magnificent Peacock Throne at the behest of the Indian royal family. To draw out the murderer Anthony and Lydia agree that they must locate the throne. They are not the only ones interested in the Peacock Throne however. Marcus Wiltshire a British intelligence has received hints that Bonaparte intends to return the throne to India and leverage its mystical significance to foment rebellion and cut England off from her most important trading partner. When the amateur sleuths join forces with the professional agent the quest for the throne leads them around the globe on an adventure steeped in danger treachery and romance. Lisa Karon Richardson is the author of several novels includ- ing Diamond in the Rough Vanishing Act and Curtain Call. Her novella Impressed by Love was a Carol Award finalist. Lisa and her husband are currently planting a home missions church in the US having previously been missionaries to the Seychelles and Gabon. 21 FICTION ISBN 978-1-78264-178-0 9 7 8 1 7 8 2 6 4 1 7 8 0 The Peacock Throne Lisa Karon Richardson The Last Queen of Sheba 978-1-78264-097-4 14.99 A wonderful combination of adventuredetective story and regency romance A strong female lead coupled with a fast and fun plot Author previously published with Barbour Heartsong Presents and Whitaker House