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RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-0-85721-731-8 14.99 Paperback 5 x 7.5 160 pages Christian Life Monarch Books Rights NA June 27 2016 A moving memoir that lays out a path to realizing the continual presence of God Neil Anderson has traveled the world speaking and teaching and has written many books. Always at his side supporting him has been his wife Joanne his partner for over fifty years. Now Joanne is gripped in a long decline sinking gradually into agitated dementia. She depends on Neils presence even calling him Daddy. He has no training as a nurse but now for long hours he sits at her bedside and cares for her every need. They do not speak much conversation is a strain. So Neil has used the silent hours to pray to spend time in Gods presence and to reflect on what this means. I have become keenly aware that God is using Joannes illness to teach me about the power of presence. Im learning on a much deeper level the purpose of just being there and what it means to be still and know that He is God. There is an inexplicable peace that comes from knowing I dont have to do in order to be in Gods willto be in His presenceto be in each others presence. It has been a peaceful time of reflection upon the presence of God and how that has shaped me our marriage and ministry. My theology tells me that God is omnipresent but we are not always aware of His presence and yet without His presence we are not fully alive. Neil T. Anderson was raised on a farm in Minnesota and served for four years in the US Navy. He then worked four years as an aerospace engineer before being called into full-time ministry. He taught for ten years at Talbot School of Theology and was the chairman of the practical theology department. He is the founder and now president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries. 7 CHRISTIAN LIVING ISBN 978-0-85721-731-8 9 7 8 0 8 5 7 2 1 7 3 1 8 The Power of Presence Becoming Fully Alive Neil T. Anderson Rough Road to Freedom 978-0-85721-294-8 14.99 Extremely well-known author whose books such as Victory over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker have sold in the millions Neils insights form the basis for the Freedom in Christ course Affecting reflection by a brilliant and humble man