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RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-0-7459-7036-3 16.95 Hardcover 7.75 x 9.5 128 pages Christianity History Lion Books Rights NAR April 27 2016 An accessible overview of the history of the Bible Following the successful One-Stop Bible Guide and One- Stop Bible Atlas this guide to the history of the Bible from its origins to how it has shaped history and nations is a worthy addition to the One-Stop line. In a highly visual way The One-Stop History of the Bible tells the story of how the Bible was written down how the books of the Bible were selected and how and when the first translations happened as well as exploring key moments in both world and church history that affected the Bible. This is an ideal point of reference for all of those who wish to explore the history of the Bible especially those who prefer a predominantly visual approach. Robert V. Huber has worked for over twenty years with the Readers Digest General Books Division and for over five years with Encyclopaedia Americana. He holds an MPhil in American and English literature from the City University of New York an MA in religious studies and a post-masters certificate in Scripture from the Institute of Religious Studies in New York where he has also taught graduate courses in Scripture. Stephen M. Miller is a full-time freelance writer and edi- tor who specializes in Bible-related projects. He holds a masters in religious education from Nazarene Theological Seminary. 25 HISTORY ISBN 978-0-7459-7036-3 9 7 8 0 7 4 5 9 7 0 3 6 3 The One-Stop History of the Bible Robert V. Huber and Stephen M. Miller The One-Stop Bible Guide 978-0-7459-5628-2 14.95 The One-Stop Bible Atlas 978-0-7459-7001-1 16.95 A colorful and highly visual introduction to the history of the Bible Includes over 150 color photo- graphs to give visual and his- torical context for the history of the Bible