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RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-0-85721-722-6 15.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 192 pages BIOGRAPHY AUTOBIOGRAPHY Religious Monarch Books Rights NA April 27 2016 Chrissie Chapman went to Burundi as a midwife but stayed to rescue and foster orphans Trained as a midwife Chrissie Chapman went to Burundi in the eighties to open a maternity clinic and dispensary in a rural area of the country. She had been there just three years when a coup occurred and the country descended into a state of civil war. It lasted for thirteen long years. During that time God directed her to work with the orphans and widows. She started a center for abandoned babies and traumatized children and saw the Lord performing remarkable miracles in the lives of people who had lost everything. Chrissie adopted three children herself and has raised more than fifty others to young adulthood. Again and again she has witnessed miracles of protection and provision. When the war started Chrissie her adopted children and the health staff were living in a rural location on top of a mountain in a healing center with maternity clinic and pharmacy. Every night there was gunfire and every day people would come seeking refuge. One night when she and David Ndarahutse the mission director were praying amid the fighting David said Chrissie look up. There were dozens of angels standing on top of the walls of the healing center. That was the night the angels came. From that moment on Chrissie records I have never experienced or felt fear for my life. Today Chrissie divides her time between Burundi where she continues to care for the teenagers in her charge and England Canada and America where she speaks widely about the faith- fulness and power of God. Chrissie Chapman is from Stockport England. She was led to faith by a doctor while in the hospital recovering from a severe accident. For years Chrissie has faced the challenges of life in Burundi in order to rescue and foster orphans from the long civil war and the AIDS epidemic. 16 BIOGR APHY ISBN 978-0-85721-722-6 9 7 8 0 8 5 7 2 1 7 2 2 6 The Night the Angels Came Miracles of Protection and Provision in Burundi Chrissie Chapman Mother of Malawi 978-0-85721-375-4 14.99 Have a Little Faith 978-0-85721-504-8 16.99 A tale of compassion and courage in the most trying of circumstances told with humor and modesty Great instances of miraculous provision and protection