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RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-0-85721-712-7 16.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 224 pages BIOGRAPHY AUTOBIOGRAPHY Religious Monarch Books Rights NA March 27 2016 Tens of thousands of Bibles have been carried into the Arabian Peninsula finding a clandestine network of believers From a brutal and impoverished background in Reading England Tom Hamblin became a believer as a teenager before serving as a missionary in the Far East. He and his wife Edna spent more than a decade leading expeditions into the heart of Borneo. Gradually they became convinced that the Lord was calling them to minister in the Arabian Peninsula in particular to carry in thousands of Bibles in Arabic Farsi and Urdu. They conveyed shipment after shipment into this region never losing a copy and surmounting all restrictions. Customs guards turned a blind eye. Tom distributed Bibles very simply walking around with a bag and waiting for people to ask him what he was doing. The Islamic world is widely regarded as closed to the gospel but this is simply untrue. Tom discovered an extensive network of believersvery few churches but many clandestine meetings for worshipand a huge hunger for the truth. Under Their Very Eyes is the remarkable biography of a Bible courier to the Arab world that will stir the readers spirit. Deborah Meroff was a missionary journalist for thirty years and traveled to 115 countries mostly serving with OM Inter- national. She is the author of numerous articles as well as eight other books and a blog about women and girls at risk She now resides in Maine. 15 BIOGR APHY ISBN 978-0-85721-712-7 9 7 8 0 8 5 7 2 1 7 1 2 7 Under Their Very Eyes Tom Hamblin Bible Courier to the Gulf Deborah Meroff Foreword by George Verwer Too Many to Jail 978-0-85721-596-3 16.99 Youve Got Libya 978-0-85721-519-2 16.99 A compelling story passionate and arresting In the tradition of best-selling biographies such as Gods Smuggler Insights into countries at the heart of current affairs