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RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-0-7459-5617-6 19.95 Hardcover 7.75 x 10.25 192 pages Comics Graphic Novels Religious Lion Books Rights NAR October 27 2015 AstunningnewcomicbookversionoftheBiblenow given the superhero treatment by the team behind The Lion Graphic Bible and The Manga Bible The story of the Bible is a unique tale of origins and cosmic powers of the ageless battle between good and evil of human potential and human treachery and of a Messiaha savior for the world. This is indeed the stuff that graphic novels are made of. Superheroes are the biggest comic genre of all with many heroes having their origins in biblical characterization and imagery. This is the first Bible retelling to engage with and chal- lenge the superhero genre. The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible is a dynamic expression of the Bibles depth and power produced in the style of Marvel Comics. Youve heard of Spiderman Superman and Wonder Woman. Now meet Earthman Lawman Warrior Man and many others. With dynamic illustration using a range of styles Siku Old Testament and Jeff Anderson New Testament bring the Bible stories alive for a new and graphically sophisticated generation. SikuartistauthortheologianandmusicianisoneofBritains leading comic bookconcept artists having worked for 2000 AD producing titles such as Judge Dredd. He has also worked for Marvel UK and COMX. Richard Thomas is an artist designer and writer. He was the publisher at End Time Comics and his work includes projects for UNESCO a graphic novel Riddlers Fayre and best-selling com- ics for Scripture Union. He is also the illustrator on the Book by Book Series of Dr. Paul Blackham and Reverend Richard Beives. Jeff Anderson is a leading graphic novel artist best known for his work on the Judge Dredd and Transformers stories. Readers of Comic World voted him runner-up in the best artist category for his Legends of Larian books. He lives with his wife and five children in Durham England and is a licensed lay minister in the Church of England. 3 GR APHIC NOVEL ISBN 978-0-7459-5617-6 9 7 8 0 7 4 5 9 5 6 1 7 6 The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible Siku Richard Thomas and Jeff Anderson The Lion Graphic Bible 978-0-8254-6265-8 12.99 Top quality illustrations from two leading graphic artists in one volume From the same publisher that produced The Lion Graphic Bible which has sold of over 400000 Comic treatments are increasingly important for a visual screen- focused generation