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RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 15 CONTEMPOR ARY ISSUES RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-1-78264-135-3 14.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 352 pages Fiction Historical Lion Fiction Rights NA July 27 2015 When dying Jack Flynn decides he needs a bride so that he can father a son his young wife Caitlin proves far more than he intended to buy JackFlynnstrongandaggressivebutslowlydyingoftuberculosis on his farm in Tipperary in the Republic of Ireland decides to acquirepurchasea young wife who can bear him sons to inherit his familys land. His choice Caitlin Spillane is less than half his age attractive and intelligent and resents bitterly the obedience that is forced upon her. When a young firebrand a supporter of the IRA arrives in the village he and Caitlin are drawn together in their detestation of Flynn. Flynn traumatized by his own insurgent IRA experi- ences twenty years earlier is secretly convinced that Eamonn de Valeras more diplomatic peaceful approach to Irelands problems is the only sane one. Could Caitlin be won for the cause and leave her unloved husband A novel set against the struggle for the heart of Ireland in the Second World War when the IRA notoriously sought assistance from the Nazis Only with Blood explores flawed characters placed in extraordinary situations. Therese Down is currently working as the head of English at a high school in England and has been teaching English literature and language for over twenty years in a range of schools and col- leges. She holds an MA in employment law and is experienced in personnel management. 15 FICTION ISBN 978-1-78264-135-3 9 7 8 1 7 8 2 6 4 1 3 5 3 Only with Blood A Novel of Ireland Therese Down Direct Hit 978-1-78264-127-8 14.99 The Vicars Wife 978-1-78264-070-7 14.99 Dramatic setting based closely on Irish history Authors own family history provides source material Arresting narrative beautifully crafted