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978-1-78264-154-4 14.99 Paperback 5 x 7.75 352 pages Fiction Historical Lion Fiction Rights NA October 27 2015 The dramatic story of a seventh-century evangelist Chosen as Eostres handmaid Hild will serve the fertility goddessforayearbeforebeingwed.Herfutureispredictable until King Edwin claims her as kin and she learns that her father was murdered. Her first love is given a command in Edwins forces and van- ishes from her life wed to her sister. The court is baptized ending the old religion and Hilds role. Life looks bleak. She cant stop wondering who killed her father. Suspecting Edwin she challenges him only to be married off to safeguard his northern frontier. Struggling in a loveless mar- riage she is intrigued by the Iona priests making pilgrimages to spread Christs love. When home and family are lost in Oswys sack of Edinburgh she finds herself in enemy hands but meets the charismatic Aidan. Inspired and guided by him she builds communities to live and teach Christs love. She attracts followers. Even her old enemy King Oswy entrusts his child to her gives her Whitby and seeks her help to reconcile divisions in his kingdom. She never ceases battling against old superstitions resurrected by storm plague and solar eclipse but at last she receives a bish- ops blessingfrom a man she trained herself. Jill Dalladay is a classicist a pioneer of the Cambridge Latin Course and a former head teacher. She lives in Whitby England. 14 FICTION ISBN 978-1-78264-154-4 9 7 8 1 7 8 2 6 4 1 5 4 4 The Abbess of Whitby A Novel of Hild of Northumbria Jill Dalladay The Heretic 978-1-78264-095-0 16.99 Story of Britains first female Christian leader A compelling read full of notable characters Introduces modern readers to a pivotal passage in the churchs history RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS