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kregel.comacademic 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS ENDORSEMENTS ISBN 978-0-8254-4376-3 9 7 8 0 8 2 5 4 4 3 7 6 3 Kaiser skillfully mingles biblical brilliance and conversational applicability. . . . Anyone who desires to know Gods Word more deeply and believe it more convincingly should read this book. Barry H. Corey Biola University For several millennia certain passages in the Old Testament have perplexed careful readers of the Scriptures. Dr. Kaiser with his customary exegetical and theological acumen gets to the heart of these perplexing passages by wonderfully explaining and shedding insightful light on these difficult texts. . . . This book equips students of the Scriptures to better understand and teach the full extent of Gods Word without apology but with clarity and full confidence in the character words and plan of our Triune God. Dorington Little First Congregational Church 1. The God of Mercy or the God of Wrath 2. The God of Peace or the God of Ethnic Cleansing 3. The God of Truth or the God of Deception 4. The God of Evolution or the God of Creation 5. The God of Grace or the God of Law 6. The God of Monogamy or the God of Polygamy 7. The God Who Rules Satan or the God Who Battles Satan 8. The God Who Is Omniscient or the God Who Doesnt Know the Future 9. The God Who Elevates Women or the God Who Devalues Women 10. The God of Freedom with Food or the God of Forbidden Food 978-0-8254-4376-3 16.99 Paperback 6 x 9 176 pages Biblical Studies Old Testament Kregel Publications Rights World Available Tough Questions About God and His Actions in the Old Testament Walter C. Kaiser Jr. The God of the Old Testament can seem very foreign to Christians. His actions appear to starkly contrast with the God of grace in the New Testament and with modern notions of justice and propriety. In this short volume Old Testament scholar Walter Kaiser devotes each chapter to a different difficult subject including creation the wrath of God the genocide of the Canaanites Gods knowledge of the future polygamy Satan the view of women and application of the Old Testament law. He addresses each topic in a practical accessible tone with pastoral insight and humor consistently focusing on the Scriptures. The reader will find that there are not two different gods in the Bible and that the Old Testament is not an antique artifact that should now be jettisoned from Christianity. The Old Testament and the God it depicts is One with the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. His actions when properly understood are not at variance with the New Testament rather a view of the beautiful unity in the Bible as a whole will strengthen the churchs faith and aid in Christian witness and apologetics. Walter C. Kaiser Jr. PhD Brandeis University is Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Old Testament Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton Massachusetts. His other publications include Toward an Old Testament Theology. BIBLICAL STUDIES