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kregel.comacademic 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS ISBN 978-0-8254-4336-7 9 7 8 0 8 2 5 4 4 3 3 6 7 RELATED TITLE 1. Introducing the Hermeneutical Triad History Literature and Theology 2. Setting the Stage Historical- Cultural Background 3. The Old Testament Canon Law Prophets and Writings 4. The New Testament Canon Gospels Acts Epistles and Apocalypse 5. Enjoying a Good Story Old Testament Historical Narrative 6. A Word from the Wise Poetry and Wisdom 7. Back to the Future Prophecy 8. Hearing the Good News New Testament Historical Narrative Gospels and Acts 9. Calling for Discernment Parables 10. Going by the Letter Epistles 11. Visions of the End Apocalyptic Literature Revelation 12. Context Is King Discerning Discourse Structure 13. A Matter of Semantics Discerning Word Meanings 14. Making the Connection Getting Our Theology from the Bible 15. Getting Down to Earth Using the Tools Applying the Word Invitation to Biblical Interpretation 978-0-8254-3047-3 46.99 978-0-8254-4336-7 34.99 Hardback 6 x 9 448 pages Biblical Studies Exegesis Hermeneutics Kregel Academic Rights World Available For the Love of Gods Word An Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Andreas J. Kstenberger and Richard D. Patterson For the Love of Gods Word is an abridged less technical version of Kstenberger and Pattersons acclaimed Invitation to Biblical Interpretation. Students teachers and pastors alike will find this introduction to biblical hermeneutics to be an accessible resource with both breadth and substance. Built on the premise that every passage requires careful scrutiny of its historical setting literary dimension and theological message this volume teaches a simple threefold method that is applicable to every passage of Scripture regardless of genre. In addition the book sets forth specific strategies for interpreting the various genres of Scripture from poetry to epistle to prophecy. A final chapter is devoted to helpful Bible study resources that will equip the reader to apply Scripture to life. This book will serve as a standard text for interpreting Scripture that is both academically responsible and accessible for pastors teachers and college students. This volume will enable students of Scripture to grow in love for Gods Word as they grow in the disciplines of study and discernment. Andreas J. Kstenberger PhD Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is professor of New Testament and Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest North Carolina. His other publications include Invitation to Biblical Interpretation. Richard D. Patterson PhD University of California Los Angeles is distinguished professor of biblical studies emeritus at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. His other publications include Hosea An Exegetical Commentary. BIBLICAL STUDIES