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AVAILABLE Invitation to Church History World John D. Hannah 978-0-8254-2775-6 Hardcover 560 pages 47.99 Invitation to Church History American John D. Hannah 978-0-8254-4385-5 Hardcover 464 pages 44.99 Invitation to Biblical Hebrew A Beginning Grammar Russell T. Fuller Kyoungwon Choi 978-0-8254-2650-6 Hardcover 388 pages 49.99 Invitation to Biblical Hebrew Workbook Russell T. Fuller Kyoungwon Choi 978-0-8254-2652-0 Paperback 352 pages 29.99 Invitation to Biblical Hebrew DVDs Russell T. Fuller Kyoungwon Choi 978-0-8254-2651-3 DVD video 6 DVDs 49.99 Invitation to Biblical Interpretation Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History Literature and Theology Andreas J. Kstenberger Richard D. Patterson 978-0-8254-3047-3 Hardcover 896 pages 46.99 Invitation to Biblical Preaching Proclaiming Truth with Clarity and Relevance Donald R. Sunukjian 978-0-8254-3666-6 Hardcover 376 pages 29.99 Invitation to World Missions A Trinitarian Missiology for the Twenty-first Century Timothy C. Tennent 978-0-8254-3883-7 Hardcover 560 pages 38.99 Kregel Academic Rights World FORTHCOMING Invitation to Christian Apologetics R. Douglas Geivett Invitation to Christian Ethics Kenneth Magnuson Invitation to Christian Theology Craig A. Blaising Invitation to Historical Theology Steven McKinion Invitation to New Testament Greek Buist Fanning Jay Smith and Jon Laansma Invitation to Personal Evangelism Timothy Beougher Invitation to the Old Testament John C. Hutchison and Kenneth C. Way Invitation to the New Testament Michael Wilkins and Alan Hultberg Invitation to Hebrew Syntax Russell T. Fuller Invitation to Theological Studies Series A Series of Introductory Textbooks The Invitation to Theological Studies ITS series offers primary textbooks for introductory courses at evangelical seminaries and graduate schools. The purpose of ITS is to provide the best in evangelical scholarship presented in an attractive and engaging format. The word invitation suggests suggests the works are not only introductory but also nonintimidating and winsomely presented. Since the textbooks in the ITS series most likely represent a students first formal exposure to a respective subject on the graduate level they are designed to both inform and inspire. kregel.comacademic 23 HIGHLIGHTED SERIES