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kregel.comacademic 13 Church history is presented in a Christocentric way as the story of the redemptive purposes of God. Outlines of each chapter help students study more effectively and aid in correlating textbook material with classroom lectures. Chapter objectives support classroom learning goals and emphasize the key points of each chapter. Maps and diagrams provide learners with a clear visual presentation of complex information. Quotations allow students to connect with primary sources to provide a more direct connection to the era being studied. Color photographs throughout add interest and make church history less abstract. Each chapter includes a glossary of terms with a complete glossary at the end of the volume. Terms are highlighted where they first occur in the text. 12. The Conservative Reaction to Religious Liberalism 13. Christianity in Europe The Twentieth and TwentyFirst Centuries PART 5 THE POSTMODERN PERIOD 1900PRESENT 14. A New World View Emerges VOLUME 2 American PART I RELIGIOUS LIFE IN THE COLONIAL ERA FROM MIGRATION TO ESTABLISHMENT 16001770 1. The Earliest Colonists Migrating PeopleGroups 2. The Shaping and Shape of Eighteenth Century Religion in British America and the Beginnings of Methodism PART II RELIGIOUS LIFE AND THE NATION THE STRUGGLE TO ADJUST IN A NEW SOCIAL SETTING 17701880 3. The Role of Religion in the Birth of the Nation The American Revolution 17701790 4. Religious Life and the New Nation Adjusting to the Implications of the Enlightenment 17901825 5. The Democratic Experience Religious Controversy and Advance 18251840 6. The Churches the Civil War and Reconstruction An Emerging Conflict 18401880 PART III RELIGIOUS LIFE IN THE MODERN PERIOD FROM INDUSTRIALIZATION TO WORLD POWER 18801960 7. The Great Divide Religious Liberalism and Conservatism 8. The Course of the Liberal Tradition 1920 and After 9. Recent Trends in Various Religious Bodies PART IV RELIGIOUS LIFE IN THE POSTMODERN PERIOD THE STRUGGLE TO PRESERVE FAITH HISTORY 1960PRESENT 10. A World in Transition A New World Emerges 11. The Churches and the Struggle for Relevancy TABLE OF CONTENTS AMERICAN THEOLOGYkregel.comacademic 13