• Reformation
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    ISBN: 9780745970158

    Pages: 256

    Publication date: 9-27-2015

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Books

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    Category: History


    A World in Turmoil

    An accessible and highly readable account of an important era of Christian history

    Reformation traces the dramatic and compelling story from the Renaissance to the seventeenth-century wars of religion. It was a period of profound upheaval, possibly the greatest since Christianity was founded in the first century ad. Andrew Atherstone brings the period to life, looking at why the Reformation happened, how it happened, what it actually was, and what it achieved.

    Focusing on the key personalities and events, he explains the often complex ideas that were at stake--and the political as well as religious issues involved. This is a lucid, authoritative account of a period that changed the face of Europe forever. The great figures--Luther and Calvin especially--are brought vividly to life in an accessible, lively, and engaging overview of this critical period.