• The Fifth Man
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    ISBN: 9781621840640

    Pages: 374

    Publication date: 1-21-2016

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Enclave

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    Category: Fiction

    Series: Oxygen

    The Fifth Man

    Will they find life on Mars... before it finds them?

    After landing on the Red Planet, Valkerie Jansen has made the discovery of a lifetime evidence of past life on Mars. Shortly after she comes down with a mysterious illness and is attacked by someone or something that can't possibly exist. Everyone but Bob Kaganovski thinks she is hallucinating.

    NASA, fearing "back contamination" to earth, sets plans in motion to permanently quarantine the astronauts on Mars. Is Valkerie's "fifth man" real? If not, then who or what is trying to kill the crew?