• The Broken Blade

    The Broken Blade
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    ISBN: 9781782641056

    Edition: April 27, 2015

    Pages: 608

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.75 (inch.)

    Weight: 25.70

    Publication date: April 27, 2015

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Fiction

    Category: Fiction

    Series: The Knight of Eldaran

    The Broken Blade

    No Man Can Serve Two Masters Forever

    Book #3

    The epic final battle between the Master and King

    Eamon Goodman is now the Master’s Right Hand. But despite being the second-in-command to the ruler of the River Realm, Eamon becomes the victim of vengeful plots engineered by the other Quarter Hands. Eamon finds himself powerless to stop them and the people he cares for are under threat.

    Eamon then discovers that the Nightholt--the book he long ago delivered to the Master’s Hands--holds the key to the Master’s power, which will become absolute upon the death of the King.

    Thus the stage for the final battle is set. Eamon rides out at the head of the Master’s army and must finally decide where his true allegiance lies. His choice will determine the fate of the River Realm . . .

    "This elaborately crafted fantasy featuring a cast of memorable characters will sweep readers into a richly detailed medieval world and into Emon's head and heart as he wrestles with his difficult choices and uncertain loyalties. Series enthusiasts won't be disappointed, and fantasy readers will adore this tale of knights, kings, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil."
    --Library Journal
    Author: Anna Thayer
    Anna Thayer graduated from Cambridge with first class honors in 2005 and, bilingual in English and Italian, went on to teach in Sicily. She now writes and lectures internationally on the works of Tolkien and Lewis, and teaches English at an independent school in southern England.

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