• Remember Me
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    ISBN: 9780825436727

    Pages: 336

    Publication date: 2-9-2007

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Category: Fiction

    Remember Me

    A Novel

    For Josef von Woerner, remembering the truth only brings pain as he faces losing the woman he loves in the midst of the Great War.

    In this gripping sequel to Pieces of Silver, Josef von Woerner is now a wanted man--but he doesn't know it. Raised to be fiercely loyal to the German fatherland, Josef once had few qualms about sabotaging Allied armament shipments during the First World War. But when he is shot by an American agent and secretly rescued by a mysterious stranger, he wakes up without a single memory of his past espionage.

    Josef imagines he is a loyal American and soon falls in love with one of the most patriotic women in America--a Red Cross nurse, Lissa Parker. Only Hank, Josef's rescuer, knows Josef's two sides. When his memory returns, Josef is convinced he must make himself worthy of Lissa's love--but will she still love him once she knows the terrible truth? Can Josef bring his two lives under God's truth, face his past, and pay for the crimes he once committed--whether or not Lissa's love for him can be salvaged?

    "Remember Me is an unforgettable story of a young man's struggle to reconcile his faith with his politics. . . . This is a book that engages the mind as well as the heart."
    --Meredith Efken, Author and speaker