• Fearful Symmetry
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    ISBN: 9781782641988

    Pages: 320

    Publication date: 11-27-2016

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Fiction

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    Fearful Symmetry

    Book #5

    Guy Hilliard is dead, but the legacy of his deceit remains. Emma--newly married to Matthew Lynes--is finding it difficult to shed the guilt she feels for her part in the accident that killed Guy. She has not only lost her position at Howard's Lake College, but her academic credentials have been called into question, threatening her career.

    As if that weren't enough, Ellie, Matthew's great-granddaughter, holds Emma responsible for Guy's death. Ellie also has a bombshell to drop that will leave the family reeling.

    This is the dramatic conclusion to The Secret of the Journal series.