• Broken Sight
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    ISBN: 9781683700227

    Pages: 259

    Publication date: 8-14-2017

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Enclave

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    Broken Sight

    Be careful what you fight for...

    In a realm where religious freedom has just been restored, Commander Brian Gaudette feels more isolated than before. His wife left with their daughter. His crew is bickering. Even his God seems distant.

    A distress call from a remote planet offers him a much needed distraction. But what he finds in responding to it will take focus and backup.

    Because, despite best efforts to disband the secret religious police, remnants have been biding their time. And their new found weapon makes up for what they lack in numbers.

    With his faith shaken, will Brian's broken sight be strong enough to see him through this conflict?