• Through the Year with William Booth
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    ISBN: 9780857216144

    Pages: 384

    Publication date: 7-27-2015

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Through the Year with William Booth

    365 Daily Readings from William Booth, Founder of the Salvation Army

    A selection of daily readings from the first General of The Salvation Army

    Here are daily readings with Scripture verses and prayers, offering a selection from the writings of William Booth. A great deal has been written about William Booth, but this book of daily readings introduces us to the man's own heart and convictions. Here we find the passion, urgency, thought, and humanity which drove him on.

    This book will allow readers to travel with this visionary Victorian, whose influence is felt across the world, and to share something of his passion for the disadvantaged and those who have fallen by the wayside.