• The Super Short, Amazing Story of David & Goliath
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    ISBN: 9780825424120

    Pages: 32

    Publication date: 6-22-2005

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Kregel Children's Books

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    The Super Short, Amazing Story of David & Goliath

    Super short and amazing, these biblical stories show just how big, loving, and, well, amazing God is.

    When someone had to fight the big, scary giant named Goliath, there was no way anyone would have thought of young David. But with God on his side, all David needed was giant-sized faith and one small stone to bring Goliath down.

    High school sweethearts Scott and Chrysti Burroughs have creativity running all through their house. A former Walt Disney feature animator, Scott now works as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator while Chrysti, previously a merchandise buyer for Universal Studios in Orlando, stays busy as a stay-at-home mom. The couple resides in Denver, Colorado, with their two sons.