• The Lion Book of Two-Minute Parables
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    ISBN: 9780745962016

    Pages: 48

    Publication date: 1-6-2012

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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    The Lion Book of Two-Minute Parables

    Offering the solution for short story times with little ones, here is a collection of ten of Jesus' most famous stories. Each story is retold in a short, entertaining narrative with quirky illustrations that add to the momentum. The playful feel of the stories is enhanced by join-in labels and speech bubbles, so that little ones
    can share in the fun.

    The parables include: The Sower, The Merchant and the Pearl, Building a Tower, The Man Who Could Not Pay, The Rich Fool, The Friend at Midnight, Ten Bridesmaids, The Great Feast, The Runaway Son, and The Workers in the
    Vineyard--covering all the well-known stories a parent would want their child to know and learn from.