• Paul, Man on a Mission
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    ISBN: 9780745977393

    Pages: 176

    Publication date: 1-23-2018

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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    Paul, Man on a Mission

    The Adventures of an Apostle

    Paul wasn't one of Jesus's friends--in fact, he really didn't like the whole "Jesus crew" at all. They were wrong! Even worse, they were telling lies that confused people about how to live properly in God's way.

    But Paul's life journey is about to be dramatically turned upside down when he actually meets Jesus. In a blinding-flash encounter, Paul is given an assignment from God that will change the lives of Jewish and Gentile people across the world.

    Join storyteller and scribe Maximus as he details Paul's dangerous, thrilling, and adventurous journeys.