• Noah's Ark Story
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    ISBN: 9780745962283

    Pages: 8

    Publication date: 7-5-2011

    Format: Board book

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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    Noah's Ark Story

    See and Say are simple retellings of Bible stories with bright, appealing pictures and lots of words for young children to join in. In the Baby Jesus Story, they will clip-clop with the donkey, sing with the angels, and gasp with the shepherds. In the Creation Story, they will crash with the seas, slosh with the fish, and zzz on the seventh day. In the Lost Sheep Story, they will count with the shepherd and baa, baa, baa with the sheep! And in the Noah's Ark Story, kids will splish with the rain, coo with the dove, and cheer with Noah!

    With simple concepts and familiar words for repetition, young children will come to learn the story for themselves.