• Bob Hartman's Bumper Tales from the Bible
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    ISBN: 9780745962856

    Pages: 384

    Publication date: 9-27-2016

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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    Bob Hartman's Bumper Tales from the Bible

    The Unauthorized Version

    Popular storyteller Bob Hartman is renowned for his fresh take on often-told stories, bringing them to life with vibrant characters and a lively twist. Now Bob Hartman's previous Bible tales collections—Bob Hartman's Old Testament Tales, Bob Hartman's New Testament Tales, and Bob Hartman's More Bible Tales—are packed into this big book of mischief! Each story is retold with an original slant from the point of view of a minor character, and is full of humor, mischief, silliness, and fun. The black-and-white line illustrations perfectly match the playful storytelling. Bumper Tales from the Bible makes an ideal read for those who prefer something a little more wayward on their bookshelves, particularly boys ages 7 to 9.