• A Little Life of Jesus
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    ISBN: 9780745965673

    Pages: 352

    Publication date: 4-27-2015

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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    A Little Life of Jesus

    This bright, chunky paperback book has all the important stories about Jesus for young children from best-selling author Lois Rock. Twelve fully illustrated stories, each with an introduction to link its meaning to the world of the child, and with a closing prayer to say and ponder. This little volume also has an introduction and glossary of specials words. An excellent value!

    The stories are Jesus Is Born, Jesus Grows Up, Jesus' Important Message (from the Sermon on the Mount), Jesus' Special Prayer (Our Father), Jesus Shares a Picnic (the feeding of 5,000), Jesus Heals a Little Girl (Jairus's daughter is brought back to life), Jesus and the Man Who Was Rescued (Zaccheus), Jesus and the Very Busy Sister (Mary and Martha), Jesus' Story of the Lost Sheep, Jesus' Story of the Kind Enemy (the Good Samaritan), Jesus All Alone (the crucifixion), and Jesus and the New Beginning (the resurrection).