• Postcards from the Middle East

    Postcards from the Middle East
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    Edition: April 27, 2015

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    Publication date: April 27, 2015

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    Postcards from the Middle East

    How Our Family Fell in Love with the Arab World

    An insightful and informed introduction to Arab culture through the experience of an English family

    The Middle East features regularly on our television screens; it shapes our lives and foreign policy and tragic events that happen there dominate our news channels, leading to a simplistic and stereotyped view of the land and the people that live there. This is a sad and dangerous travesty.

    Having originally moved to the Middle East to teach, Chris Naylor and his wife set up a pioneering branch of the environmental agency, A Rocha, in Lebanon. Over the years they found their prejudices and assumptions utterly overthrown.

    In Postcards from the Middle East, Chris Naylor examines the richness, culture, humanity, and challenges of the Arab world. Engaging and often funny, he explores themes of cross-cultural communication and environmental vision.

    "This warm-hearted and honest book is a mustread for anyone who wants to better understand the cultural, political, and religious complexities of the Middle East."
    --Dr Hilary Marlow, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

    "The environmental condition of the Middle East is easily forgotton amidst the maelstrom of politics and conflict. This rich and inspiring account is thoughtful, wise, and compelling reading."
    --Dominic Couzens, bestselling natural history writer and author of Secret Lives of Garden Birds
    Chris Naylor (MA, Cambridge) is executive director of the environmental agency, A Rocha, which has offices in 19 countries including USA and Canada. Prior to joining A Rocha, Chris had a wide experience of teaching and school management in the UK and the Middle East, attending Bible College and learning Arabic (in Jordan) along the way.