• Dead Women Walking
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    ISBN: 9780825461583

    Pages: 432

    Publication date: 1-1-2008

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Category: Biography

    Dead Women Walking

    Entangled in Addiction, Abuse and Idol Worship, These Women Seemed Beyond Hope . . .

    Mei Chen has spent her life running from addiction, from violence, and now from the spirits. With all hope beaten out of her, shackled to the painful memories of her past, Mei was on the verge of suicide. Dead Women Walking tells the true stories of Mei, Ling, and Yufen, three women whose lives were ruled by the spirits they worshipped. Overtaken by misfortune and disaster, they were entangled by broken relationships and wounded emotions—until they discovered that escape was possible with the help of God. Jennifer Su presents a startlingly real picture of the Taiwanese working class that shows no situation is beyond the reach of God's grace.