• The New Lion Bible Encyclopedia
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    ISBN: 9780745955261

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: 3-7-2012

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Lion Books

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    The New Lion Bible Encyclopedia

    Provides readers fresh insights into the message of Scripture

    The Bible has made a huge impact on people for thousands of years--and continues to do so today. But what is it?
    Why does it matter? How was it written, and how did it come down to us? What was it like to live in the time of Jesus, or even earlier? What did people eat and drink? What did they wear?

    This fascinating new book answers all your questions, and more. It provides an exciting guide to the people, the places, the events, and the ideas that make up the Bible. With its accessible text, full-color pages, illustrations, maps, charts, feature boxes, diagrams, and tables, all the information you could ever need is brought together in one volume to instruct, delight, and entertain. A final "Fast Facts" section brings key facts to the reader's fingertips.


    • The making of the Bible. How was it put together? Who wrote it, and why?

    • The story of the Bible.

    • The nations of the Bible. From the early Sumerians, through the Jews, the Egyptians, the Philistines and the
      Moabites, to the Romans and the Greeks--This section includes all the nations, tribes, and peoples covered in the

    • Life in Bible times. This section covers the daily life of people in Bible times--their family lives, their social lives, their food, their work, and their animals.

    • Religion in the Bible. What did people believe? This section covers the key beliefs of Jews and Christians, and
      the peoples around them.

    • The heart of the Bible: Jesus. The entire Bible points forward, around, or back to Jesus Christ--His life, His work, His teachings, and the church that He founded.

    • Fact-finder. If you want to find a name, a place, a concept--it is all here.