• The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Bible Facts and Figures
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    ISBN: 9780825424526

    Pages: 32

    Publication date: 1-13-2005

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Bible Facts and Figures

    Which Bible character is mentioned the most times in the Scripture? Who were the judges of Israel—and what did they do? What does the feast of Purim celebrate? What other religions were practiced in Bible times? What does the name David mean?

    Answers to all these fascinating questions and many more are found in this fascinating resource. With tables of parables, miracles, Jesus' ministry and Paul's life—to mention a few— this book will prove invaluable to pastors or any student of the Word.

    • Part of the best-selling Kregel Pictorial Guide series
    • Trivia is a hit with parents and children alike
    • Includes time-charts and diagrams
    • Gives Bible references for each piece of information