• The Bible Story Retold in Twelve Chapters
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    ISBN: 9780745976648

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: 9-27-2016

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Lion Books

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    The Bible Story Retold in Twelve Chapters

    Evocative and full in scope, The Bible Story Retold in Twelve Chapters is a flowing retelling of the Bible's great stories. In twelve chapters, Andrea Skevington brings together all the Bible's treasured tales to reveal the overarching story of God and His people.

    Skevington has skillfully crafted her stories with care and consideration for the biblical original, and with the compelling pace of good storytelling. The result is fresh and original for new readers, with an underlying depth and perspective that will delight those already familiar with the stories—whatever their age.

    Bound in a quality hardback with a ribbon marker, this book is one to enjoy giving, receiving, reading, and treasuring.