• Did St Paul Get Jesus Right?
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    Pages: 160

    Publication date: 1-3-2011

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    Did St Paul Get Jesus Right?

    The Gospel According to Paul

    Was Paul a distorter of Jesus' original message, or a faithful follower?

    Over recent years some critics of Christianity have claimed that while Jesus was a gifted teacher and a man of unparalleled kindness, St Paul was the true founder of Christianity, which he based on a delusional mistake: the idea that Jesus was God. This theory has found its way into academia, churches, newspapers, and, most recently, novels.

    In Did St Paul Get Jesus Right? respected New Testament scholar David Wenham looks at the historical evidence for such claims. Comparing the life and message of Jesus with the writings of St Paul, he offers a thoughtful exploration of their relationship, concluding that far from imagining Christianity, Paul was the messenger of an inherited faith.