• Bible Archaeology
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    ISBN: 9780857216977

    Pages: 288

    Publication date: 9-26-2017

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Bible Archaeology

    An Exploration of the History and Culture of Early Civilizations

    A complete overview of the history and findings of biblical archaeology, Bible Archaeology draws together the archaeological research into the principal sites in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine, Persia, Anatolia, Greece, and Italy. Hoerth and McRay explore the histories, cultures, and social forces of these early civilizations, using full-color maps, photographs, and diagrams to walk you through the various archaeological digs.

    This volume enables the reader to place the biblical narratives firmly in their historical context and cultural setting. The authoritative but accessible text brings familiar Bible characters brilliantly to life.