• Daniel
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    ISBN: 9780825425691

    Pages: 384

    Publication date: 4-24-2018

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Kregel Ministry

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    A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching

    The meaning of kerux (KAY-rüxs) captures the aim of the series: just as a kerux was one who officially heralded the king, so this forty-four-volume series will enable the preacher or teacher to accurately and authoritatively communicate the message of the divine King.

    Kerux commentaries give the pastor unique tools: the big idea for each passage, preaching strategies, contemporary connections, suggestions for creative presentation, illustrations, and more. Each volume has an exegetical author and a homiletic author who partner together to provide sound insight and guidance for effective proclamation.

    This first volume is on the book of Daniel, a key document for the Christian faith. Not only does it contain significant prophecies concerning the future; Jesus Christ and the New Testament writers often referred to it as well. Finley and Cash masterfully provide the resources to understand and teach this difficult but important book.