• The New Atheism
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    ISBN: 9780745953939

    Pages: 96

    Publication date: 4-8-2010

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Books

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    The New Atheism

    Ten Arguments That Don't Hold Water

    The new atheists are putting out new books and articles, bus ads, and TV programs like there's no tomorrow. They've gained a large amount of public attention and media exposure--but do their arguments really hold water?

    Using the analogy put forward by the esteemed philosopher Anthony Flew, Michael Poole examines the new atheists' use of the "ten leaky buckets" tactic of argumentation--presenting readers with a sum of arguments that are each individually defective, as though the cumulative effect should be persuasive. Thiscloser look at the facts reveals that the buckets are, indeed, leaky.

    Addresses the atheist arguments that:

      Religion is evil because evil deeds have been committed by believers.
    • Faith is irrational and demands a positive suspension of critical faculties.

    • Religion's main function has been to explain the mysterious forces of nature, so now that we have science to explain these forces Religion is no longer necessary.