• Putting Jesus in His Place
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    ISBN: 9780825429835

    Pages: 392

    Publication date: 8-31-2007

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Putting Jesus in His Place

    The Case for the Deity of Christ

    What Christians have affirmed for nearly two millennia--that Jesus is God--is frequently and openly called into question today. It's natural that those who reject the Bible also reject its exalted view of Christ. But surprisingly, many who embrace the authority of Scripture are quick to argue that Jesus' deity is found nowhere in its pages.

    Putting Jesus in His Place demonstrates that the New Testament--from beginning to end--clearly reveals Jesus' divine identity. What's more, it shows that belief in Jesus as God was the conviction of his original Jewish followers, rooted in Old Testament theology and in what Jesus himself said and did.

    In a manner that is both academically sound and spiritually engaging, the authors make a case for the deity of Christ that is easy to follow and hard to forget.

    Robert M. Bowman Jr. (M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary) is the manager of Apologetics and Interfaith Evangelism for the North American Mission Board (www.4truth.net). For five years he was a lecturer in the M.A. in Christian Apologetics program at Biola University. He is the author of eleven other books, including Why You Should Believe in the Trinity and (with Kenneth D. Boa) the Gold Medallion Award-winning book Faith Has Its Reasons.

    J. Ed Komoszewski (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary) is the founder of Christus Nexus (www.christusnexus.org), a nonprofit organization devoted to research, writing, and teaching on the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. He has taught biblical and theological studies at Northwestern College and currently serves as a director for Reclaiming the Mind Ministries (www.reclaimingthemind.org). He is the author (with M. James Sawyer and Daniel B. Wallace) of Reinventing Jesus.