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1. Complete Lesson 5 (pages 42-49).
2. Post a blog about what you learned in this lesson. You can respond to one of the following questions or write about your own experience with the study.
  • In the previous lesson, we discussed the meaning of the word submission. What do you think submission looks like in a marriage context?
  • What are the two qualities that Peter instructs women to emulate? Illustrate how you or someone you love embodies those qualities.
  • How does God measure beauty? Is that different than how you personally measure beauty? Is it different than how your husband measures beauty? Explain.
  • What principles did you learn from Peter's counsel to wives and husbands of the first century that are helpful today?
  • What application can you make to male-female relationships outside the home--in the workplace, community, and church?
To me having a gently and quiet spirit means staying calm and patient when my husband and children are trying to me and not over scheduling myself so that I can do what I need to do without getting frustrated and out of temper.
This new outlook has brought me through a season of soul-searching to a place of humility.
As a mom, I pray I can impart this wisdom to all of my children, male and female.
"Submission is the divine calling of a wife to love and affirm her husband's leadership and help carry it through according to her gifts." [John Piper] This is the submission I embrace in my walk with Christ and in my walk with my husband.

When both parties follow His plan submission in marriage becomes something fulfilling and beautiful. Whether or not our spouse fulfills their part we are still responsible to God to obey His Word, and He will bless it. 
I really enjoyed this week's lesson.
I know that submitting is not understood by those in Christ as well as society in general. Personally, I have learned that if a wife takes her place by being a prayer warrior for her husband as well as herself, it has helped me through many hard times of submitting when I did not necessarily agree with my husband. 
I am not flawless. I will never be perfect.In fact I am amazing at making mistakes and saying stupid things at the wrong time. I like dresses, I wear make up, I get muddy, most of my clothes are covered in paint and that is alright because God still loves me.
This lesson will help me become a better woman.
As I moved through this lesson, I couldn't help but see specific and precious faces in my mind. These were the faces of Filipina ladies married to Muslim Jordanian men.
Watch Ashley's VLOG about this week's lesson!
Building character and strengthening relationships are more important to God than outward beauty.
It was good to read this selection of Scripture again. I have it highlighted in my Bible. It is a humbling reminder of where my marriage could be today {almost ended in divorce} had I not taken it to heart.
I need to focus on God's truths about me, not the world's. How? By immersing myself in His word and repeating it over and over again until my mind and heart believe.

Am I the perfect submissive wife? Definitely not. I’m constantly being molded by the Potter’s Hands.
Jesus is our roll (sic) model - the one we need to be like. He has set the standard we need to aim for. Our lives need to reflect this.
In this day and age where a doctor can fix anything that we feel is “wrong” with you physically, outer beauty seems so fake. Where inner beauty can only be changed through prayer and us working to better ourselves.
I strive to live a life that will bring honor to Jesus; so that when my husband and family look at me, they will see a little bit of Jesus in me.
Your beauty comes from the inside - not from being adorned on the outside. The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit is of great worth in God's sight.


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