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1. Complete Lesson 8 (pages 65-72).
2. Post a blog. You can respond to one of the following questions or write about your own experience with the study.
  • How comfortable is our society with talking about and dealing with our own mortality? How comfortable are you? Why is it wise to listen to Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:1-4 and take his counsel to heart?
  • Peter offers instructions on how to live with the end in mind. Placing a priority on prayer is of utmost importance. What two characteristics greatly enhance an authentic and consistent prayer life? Check yourself. How do you demonstrate these two characteristics?
  • In Core Three we move from living to serving, using our spiritual gifts. What are your spiritual gifts and how do you use them?
  • In light of the blessings ahead for faithful believers, how should we live, even in hard times?
When I look at the way Jesus suffered for all of us it humbles me.
I never thought about being sober and watchful being part of a meaningful prayer life.  I want that!
I enjoyed a much needed change of viewpoint in my life.  I am thinking more about what it most important in my life.  How I spend my time really does matter and I will be making some changes.
Maybe this goes to my post yesterday about being authentic - maybe a part of being authentic is getting out there and sharing the Gospel?
It's all about the end and times of suffering. And more importantly, it's all about how Christians should behave.
On one hand, I cannot wait for eternity - to be in the presence of God and worshiping Him alone! On the other hand, I could {and should} be seeking to daily be in the presence of God and worshiping Him alone.
In light of the blessings ahead for faithful believers, we should commit ourselves to God and continue to do good, even in hard times. 
We focus on here and now. On today. On life as we know it. We focus on ourselves. Our own pain, our own joys, our own life. In the process we miss so much.
Society doesn't face the reality of the eternal with honesty. Many express nice sentiments or feelings, but they tend not to be rooted in the Truth of where that person may be spending eternity.
One thing I know is that learning, memorizing, and living the Word of God will equip me better than anything else.
I think in today's society we focus too much on the now and not on the future. As a Christian we must focus on the future and the end time on earth.
Prayer is something that my women's group has been working on a lot lately. We have committed to pray for one another and to grow in this area. I am already seeing the fruits of this discipline in my life.
Prayer is the first step to putting God first. Without having daily time with God to 'plan' my day, I wouldn't know where to start; thus, I would be living in the flesh... not the spirit.
Peter reminds us where to keep our focus, and it is not on these stumbling blocks we encounter through our week, or even what we believe to be huge trials and tribulations, those are not where our focus should be...
Life is hard for so many of us. Some days, we just feel like giving up. How do we persevere through it all? It is easy when the prize at the end is an eternity with Jesus. The difficulty comes when we realized that it requires our physical death.
It is because God loved us that he sent Jesus to die for us.  It is because He loves us that He forgives us.  It is because Jesus loves us that He was willing to give up everything to save us.  All of our sins are covered by this deep love.  What right do we have to withhold love or make it conditional?
We need to overcome our fears, put aside our selfish focus and reach those that truly need Christ.


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